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You can view the results of the Albert Park by-election at the VEC website HERE



How to vote for Prodos Marinakis

Here's what I recommend.

Other than voting 1 for "MARINAKIS, Prodos" - the main thing is to:

  • Vote 9 for the Greens (MIDDLETON, John)
  • Vote 8 for Labor (FOLEY, Martin)
  • Make sure you number all the other squares, otherwise your vote won't get counted at all.

To the joyous glorious genius of Democracy!

It's 5 AM and Barboo and I - and all the Prodos FOR Albert Park volunteers - are ready to rock!

Armed with our How-to-vote cards, corflutes, and a copy of Ayn Rand's novel, The Fountainhead, I'm off to meet the good people of the Albert Park District.

Hallelujah Democracy!

Response to Unchain St Kilda on the St Kilda Triangle Crown land development

My reply to Anna Griffiths of Unchain St Kilda:

> > 3. What is the main purpose of Crown Land?

3. Crown Land is an unfortunate accident of
history. Local residents and the general populace
would be better served by mechanisms of private

Alan Moran: Land controls at heart of housing crisis

Land controls at heart of housing crisis
Alan Moran, The Herald Sun, Saturday, August 25, 2007

House prices are a top priority for most Victorians. This is hardly surprising since the family home is the most important investment nearly all of us own or aspire to own.

Achieving a decent level of personal equity in a home is a multi-year struggle. After that we have an abiding interest in how our nest egg is doing.

Gerard Jackson: Free markets, forests and ownership

By Gerard Jackson,

A great deal of nonsense has been spouted about the economics of logging and of woodchips in particular. I take the stance that only the market can determine the true value of our resources, including forests, and the uses to which they should be put.

The Age, David Rood: Punk message sings independent's praises

The Age, Prodos Marinakis for Albert Park by-election

Here is the article by David Rood of The Age which appeared on Saturday, September 08 on page 13 ...

Punk message sings independent's praises
By David Rood, The Age

Interview on Triple R radio

Prodos Marinakis on Triple R - The Party Show with Headly Gritter Early this morning - about 1 AM - along with most of the other Albert Park candidates, I was interviewed by Headly Gritter on Triple R's The Party Show.


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