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Sausage Sizzle at St Vincent Gardens

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This afternoon, Sunday August 26, Prodos FOR Albert Park supporters met at St Vincent Gardens for a sausage sizzle.

As well as food and fun we discussed the burden that Land Tax and over-regulation places upon private enterprise, how to help the unemployed and the homeless (thanks to Phillip for his ideas and wishing you the best of health from all the team!).

Also disussed the commercial and logistic problems of the Victorian State government's plans to deepen the channel, drawing some comparisons with the deepening of Geelong Harbour.

Prodos FOR Albert Park: St Vincent Gardens Sausage Sizzle
Back row: Michael Mooore, Michael Warby, Phoebe Moore.
Front: Ehm ... Prodos?

Earlier in the day with my wife, Barboo, we spent time along Victoria Avenue talking with locals (and visitors) about matters that concerned them.

Also came across a gentleman whom the day before I'd recommended the cafe, Dundas & Fausett, and he was so enthused by the quality of their food and the friendly service and with the whole "Vic Ave" area, he told me he was now seriously considering buying a home in Albert Park! Go for it! Smile

In the evening we were in Acland Street, St Kilda mixing it.

Along the way we met a group of young dudes who were interested in talking about respecting wealth and the rights of both the rich and poor, and the injustice of using taxes to force people to "help" others - instead of allowing individuals to choose who they wanted to help and how - according to their own values - not the values of politicians and bureaucrats.

Also had a good chat with two very intelligent gentlemen from overseas about the relationship between free minds and free markets, and about dealing effectively with poverty.

Another wonderful day of campaigning, learning, and making friends.

The things I most looooooove doing!

Prodos FOR Albert Park: Sausage Sizzle at St Vincent Gardens, Albert Park
From left to right: Barboo, Anna, Michael, Bess (the doggie), Phillip, Prodos.

Proud Aussie Dog, Bess at St Vincent Gardens, Albert Park
Proud Aussie Dog, Bess: "If I could vote for Prodos, I surely would! He's quite the BBQ-ist. Focused and courteous at all times!"