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Campaign Song #1

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Here's the first of two campaign songs I've written ...

A Creative Spark for Albert Park (version #1)

Click here to listen or download the mp3 file of this song

A creative spark
For Albert Park
And a damn proud Aussie too

For an independent voice
Your choice
For a liberal through and through

So I raise my hat
My friends
And I wave
The red, and the white, and blue

I'll defend your rights
And enterprise
And I promise
To be honest and true

Tell the politicians
Now's the time
Stop this meddling in our lives!

And we'll slash their taxes
End their rorts
No more peddling in their lies!

Prodos Marinakis
That's what Albert Park needs!
A creative spark
And someone who'll work hard

I respect your wealth
And enterprise
And I promise
To be honest and true
And I promise
To be honest with you

(c) Lyrics by PRODOS