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Campaign Song #2

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A Creative Spark for Albert Park (version #2)

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If you're sick of politicians
The lies they peddle
How they tax and plunder
In our lives they meddle

If you want a fresh start
You vote in Albert Park
On September 15
If anybody asks ...

Hey! Who're you gonna vote for?
Who're your gonna choose?
Say: And independent voice
For liberal values

So what does that mean?
Is it red or green?
This "independent voice"
Sounds like a crazy dream

No! It's a Prodos
Prodos Marinakis
Prodos, Prodos
A creative spark

It is a Prodos, Prodos
Prodos Marinakis
Vote One, get the job done
Albert Park

Respect your wealth!
Defend your rights!
I love the way you do
That private enterprise
(Thing bling bang pow)
(Throw my hat into the ring now )

If you want to slash tax
And the fat cat rorts
De-regulate the red tape
Show you can't be bought

Come on let's fly the flag
The red white and blue
'Cause that independent voice
For liberal values
Is you!

Who are you gonna vote for?
Who are you gonna choose?
An independent voice
For liberal values!

A Creative Spark
For Albert Park
A Creative Spark is
Prodos Marinakis

Ready to be freer (ready!)
Ready lend an ear (ready!)
I'm ready to be your
Representative in Parliament
And I promise
Promise to be honest

Whether you are rich or poor
I'll honour you
And set a course
To build a better way

(c) Words & Music by PRODOS