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About Prodos

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A few quick notes ... (I'll try to add some more soon)

Full name: Prodos Stefanos Nicholaou Marinakis

Independent: Although I'm a member of the Liberal Party, I'm running strictly as an independent - not endorsed by the Liberal Party.

Birthday: December 02, 1958

Born in Adelaide, moved to Melbourne in 1968. Parents from Greece.

Formal education: Completed year 12 (HSC). No university education. Mainly self-taught.

Married to: Barbara ("Barboo"), American citizen, writer and fellow activist, in 2004.

Work history:

Builder's labourer for many years. Projects included laying the paving stones of Acland Street. Worked in family business owned by my parents (cheeses, yoghurts, continental dairy products) as production manager and assistant manager. Sales representative (educational products, equipment hire, alternative energy products). Marketing manager and director of small civil engineering company.

Co-founded and managed small theatre venue in Collingwood for 5 years. Songwriter and lead singer in several punk rock and sythesiser bands. Currently working with my wife, writing a musical fairytale ("Barboolabong") which is about invention, discovery, and liberty.

Since 1980: Set up and have run a non-profit lateral thinking club based on the work of Edward de Bono. Occasionally run free online tutorials on creative thinking skills. The PRODOS Thinking Club is the longest running de Bono method study group in the world. In 1995 I performed a set of songs about lateral thinking and adventure, at the Edward de Bono International Creative Thinking Conference at the University of Malta, and was honoured to be praised by Dr de Bono. Edward de Bono has been on my radio show twice talking about his ideas and the teaching of constructive and creative thinking as a skill.

2001: Founder and Coordinator of the worldwide Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign (originally called "Walk FOR Capitalism"). Created International Capitalism Day, which is on the first Sunday of June each year. Over 250 cities in 43 countries have now held Celebrate Capitalism™ events.

Since 1995: On-air radio presenter (The PRODOS Connection) at community radio stations, 3SER, then at 3WRB/97.4 FM.

In 2000 he moved his programme to the internet at PRODOS.COM and was thus one of the first to podcast - even before the term was invented.

In 2006 set up pro free market podcast network - "The SOLID VOX" - with own show (Prodos Worldwide) plus training new internet radio presenters in Australia, the USA, Sweden, and Korea. These shows are not music shows. They're interviews. With fascinating and honourable individuals from around the world. Writers, activists, scientists, philosophers, artists, entrepreneurs, economists.

His guests have included:

  • Don Brash (former leader of the NZ National Party)
  • John Stone (former Secretary of the Australian Treasury)
  • Pastor Danny Nalliah (Catch the Fire Ministry)
  • Reverend Dr John Williams (on Christianity's free market heritage)
  • Dr Mark Durie (comparing Christianity and Islam)
  • James Shikwati (Kenya) and Barun Mitra (India), on the elimination of Third World poverty
  • Dr Anna Blainey (on feminism and the temperance movement)
  • Dr Colin Rubenstein (Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council)
  • Edward de Bono (inventor of "lateral thinking")
  • Al Ruddy (Oscar winning producer of The Godfather 2)
  • Alan Moran (Institute of Public Affairs)
  • Steve Milloy (
  • Tim Warner (Access Card No Way)
  • Gerard Jackson (Labour Markets)
  • Andrew Bernstein (philosopher, and author of "The Capitalist Manifesto")
  • ... and has chaired on-air debates on topics such as "Free Markets versus Keynesianism" (with Kenneth Davidson), and "The case for and against nuclear energy".

Other Activities:

Awarded the Australian Adam Smith Club Achievement Award in 2005 for his work promoting economic and political freedom and prosperity.

In the 1970's Prodos was active in Jim Cairns' "Down To Earth" movement to encourage alternative ways of thinking and attending several Down To Earth Festivals, and participated in projects exploring alternative energy and lifestyles.

Prodos chairs a weekly discussion group called Discover Capitalism™ which studies great pro liberty thinkers and activists (eg. Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, John Locke, The American Founding Fathers), the life and work of creative geniuses including: entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, educators, explorers, scientists.

Prodos is strongly pro Israel and pro United States.

Prodos loves Science and Technology.

Prodos believes in individual rights and private property rights, capitalism (as the system of freedom and creativity).

Prodos has worked hard to fight against racism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism and supports the freedom of all individuals to be treated equally and justly.

He his passionate about stopping governments meddling in our lives. That also means he opposes the Access Card.

Prodos Marinakis is proud to be Australian and believes we should work towards becoming the Creative Capital of the World.

[ ... more notes to come ... ]