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My pledge to you as your representative in state parliament

Prodos Marinakis: My pledge to you as your state representative in parliamentEvery day, with my wife, we've been out in the streets, the shopping centres, the markets, the cafes of the Albert Park District talking with people, finding out about their concerns, and letting them know what I stand for.

One of the flyers we hand out is titled "My Pledge to you ..."

Here's what it says:


The free market case AGAINST the Albert Park Grand Prix

Here is an article by the brilliant Australian free market economics writer, Gerard Jackson, which explains why free market supporters should be opposed to the Grand Prix . . .

Melbourne's Grand Prix: another economic fallacy

By Gerard Jackson, Monday 3 September 2007

Why I oppose channel deepening for Port Phillip Bay

The following article nicely sums up why I oppose channel deepening for Port Phillip Bay ...

By David Sharp

Sausage Sizzle at St Vincent Gardens

This afternoon, Sunday August 26, Prodos FOR Albert Park supporters met at St Vincent Gardens for a sausage sizzle.

As well as food and fun we discussed the burden that Land Tax and over-regulation places upon private enterprise, how to help the unemployed and the homeless (thanks to Phillip for his ideas and wishing you the best of health from all the team!).

Campaign Song #2

A Creative Spark for Albert Park (version #2)

Click here to listen or download the mp3 file of this song

If you're sick of politicians
The lies they peddle
How they tax and plunder
In our lives they meddle

If you want a fresh start
You vote in Albert Park
On September 15
If anybody asks ...

Campaign Song #1

Here's the first of two campaign songs I've written ...

A Creative Spark for Albert Park (version #1)

Click here to listen or download the mp3 file of this song

A creative spark
For Albert Park
And a damn proud Aussie too

For an independent voice
Your choice
For a liberal through and through

Albert Park District

The State Electoral District of Albert Park includes ...

  • Albert Park (the suburb)
  • South Melbourne
  • Port Melbourne
  • Fishermens Bend
  • Montague
  • Middle Park
  • Emerald Hill
  • St Kilda West
  • St Kilda South
  • Elwood (part of)

A simple map from the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) is available HERE


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